I’ll just do the hoovering….

Iain Banks has admitted he is delivering his latest novel late after getting addicted to the computer game Civilisation. So bad was his addiction that the author of Complicity and the Wasp Factory was forced to smash up the CD and wipe all records from his computer. Procrastination is an
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Waterstone’s: WestEnders episode 3,000

Gerry Johnson, new m.d. of Waterstone’s, is quoted in the Telegraph saying he was surprised by the ferocity of the reaction from authors and publishers to the chain’s bid for Ottakar’s. It is unusual, he said. Get with the program Gerry! The relationship between the two has long been more
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Londonstani and TV ads for books

Inflated advances paid to first time authors because they look marketable and have no sales record to sully their chances with the chains and supermarkets. It is a ludicrous, neophile culture, which militates against nurturing talent and condemns many promising young – and established- authors to either a future of dimishing advances as publishers “correct” past mistakes or a future on the slush pile because their books never earned out

Ottakars RIP

My blog was not up when the news broke about Ottakars. So late as I am, I want to pay tribute to a chain that showed a remarkable professionalism and commitment to local retailing that it challenged independent bookshops to raise their game. Ottakars’ stores served their local communities in
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