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Ottakars RIP

My blog was not up when the news broke about Ottakars. So late as I am, I want to pay tribute to a chain that showed a remarkable professionalism and commitment to local retailing that it challenged independent bookshops to raise their game. Ottakars’ stores served their local communities in
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John Prescott no thanks

Amid all the brouhaha about John Humphrys questions to John Prescott about whether he did or didn’t have other affairs, no one seems to have mentioned the question of taste and decency. Put it this way. Please, please enough! There are certain things I don’t want planted in my fertile
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We’re all doomed

There are times listening to the news that I come over all Cprl Jones…..Don’t panic! Don’t panic! If we are not going to die of global warming, then we are to be plunged into Armageddon by North Korea, Israel or Iran. Whatever. I don’t remember ever feeling such a sense
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Welcome to Danuta Kean’s blog!

Okay it has taken me a while, but…..I’m here now and explanations are meaningless…..but welcome to a site that will give you more information about publishing than is healthy, as well as the opinions of a woman who has too many to be useful….

Kate Mosse: hunting the grail

When Kate Mosse first sat down to write her third novel, Labyrinth, she knew it would be about the Grail legend, the mysterious source of a thousand quests since King Arthur’s legendary knights rode out in the Middle Ages.

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